Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wow, what a lot of changes

From being just a dancer, with only one true friend *hugs Katar*, no real home and no love in my life, I have gone through changes.

I joined BDSM Authentic, found a home, met the man of my dreams *Kissing Master* and have so many new friends. It seems I am meeting more daily.

Ater 9 years RL 24/7 BDSM - 7 of those as a Domiant and KNOWING I could never be a slave, having neither the strength it takes, nor the trust, I offered myself willingly and joyfully to Armande Arado, who accepted.

Now I am helping him work on the Tavern at BDSM Authentic (It is decorated in Medieval Holiday style, quite a departure from the modern decorating). We have a feast laid out, so please come and enjoy the Tavern, have SL bite to eat and enjoy!


I want to invite everyone to our housewarming/partner/collaring celebration if you need an invite or information contact Armande Arado, my Owner & Operator LOL